Monday, May 4, 2009


What is It works?
first-to-market product called The Ultimate Body Applicator… It is an Herbal, Tans-dermal Patch, similar to those nicotine patches or hormone patches, that Naturally stimulates a detoxification of the fat cells causing them to shrink in as little as 45 minutes.
It is a non woven cloth with an all natural gel on it. The gel is made with all natural plant and sea extracts. When placed on the skin the gel soaks down through your pores and into that layer of fat below the skin. The botanical formula then begins to dissolve the toxins in your fat cells allowing for immediate and progressive results. You drink water to help naturally flush the toxins from your body. You will continue to loose for 72 hours after the applicator is removed. Just keep drinking your water is all it takes!!

We do have other products also like vitamins and supplements as well as stretch mark cream and anti-aging products that are good for a variety of things. Our vitamins and supplements are made with REAL whole food nutrition.I will tell you when I was first approached I was like yeah right NO way this works till I seen my friend and thought she had plastic surgery . Them i knew I had to try this. I got an applicator from her went home and put it on. I lost 5 1/2 after 45 min. I just knew we was on to something here ,Icalled and became a Distributor there is'nt a woman on earth that is 100% happy with her body.

I would never steer anyone wrong how could that help my buisness all I am asking is for you check out my page( and then ask me questions and try it. I already have loyal customers andDistributors. I am running with it, so if you would like to join out team we would love to have you.

if you would like to try an applicator its $25.oo

if you mention you seen this on my blog you can try it for 20.00

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Detox Your Body To Help Build Your Immune System

It's Greens
Supplement Facts
NEW! Not eating your fruits and vegetables like you should?
Get what you are missing with It's Greens.
It's Greens helps to alkaline your body,
balance your immune system and detox your body.
Each serving has the nutritional value of
eight plus servings of fruits and vegetables.
It's Greens is a pleasant tasting,
orange-flavored powder mix. Simply add to water.

It's-Vital Advanced Multi-Vitamin-Mineral
Supplement Facts
It's Vital supplies all your essential vitamins and minerals and
was formulated using the absolute highest quality ingredients
with the highest effectiveness to your body.
Dr. Don-recommended formula

Monday, April 27, 2009

IT WORKS !!The Ultimate Body Applicator


I am selling an exclusive product! Everyone from Message Theraphist, Chiroprators,Spas and Tanning Salons are adding these wraps to their services. I do in home WRAP & LOSE demonstrations and you can Too!

This is the first Home based business I have ever been in ( and theres been several) where the product sells itself. Clients come to me! If your looking for something new and want to make fast money check out my site. or


(985)532-5443-H (985)856-3032-C OR E-Mail me for more information! I would love to hear from you!

Here is a little information about the Applicator itself. Intensive skin care system that defines and firms the body´s contours, diminishes the appearance of cellulite (orange skin) and skin slackening. Improves the firmness and texture of the skin. Produces immediate and progressive results.

Description:The Ultimate Body Applicator is an intensive skin care system that defines, tightens, tones and firms the skin, and visibly enhances the body´s contours.

Diminishes the appearance of cellulite and skin slackening. Improves the elasticity, moisturizes and vitalizes the skin, leaving it smooth and flexible, with a youthful and fresh appearance.

Formulated without mineral oil, lanolin, propylene glycol, isopropyl alcohol, artificial colorants, synthetic fragrances, or animal by-products.

Safe preservative system without formaldehyde releasers and low parabens concentration, approved in Japan, European Community and the USA.

Recommended for:

• People on a weight loss program

• People on a body modeling program

• People on a muscle defining (body building) program

• People with cellulite (orange peel look)

• People with slackened skin resulting from weight loss